ERFAR offers a massive range of design services tailored to 3D printing, rapid prototyping right through to injection molding and production. Drawing on engineering expertise and extensive experience in project management our design services are backed by a broad selection of technologies and materials.

ERFAR has a team of dedicated CAD engineers and tooling engineers on site to assist you with all your CAD requirements. ERFAR highly experienced engineers can produce drawings in a massive range of programmes and for a massive range of applications. Our solutions factor in varied aspects of the product development process.

You can be assured of integrated workflows containing verification, sustainable design and data management. Seasoned designers straddle multiple disciplines with ease, mingling design with innovation and shortening the design cycle. We have produced CAD for products and parts from a massive range of industries and our onsite manufacturing capabilities allow us instant access to 3D prototypes and models for you to test and evaluate throughout the design process. You can trust us for great service, cost efficacy and amazing turnaround times.

Our technical back up facilitates low-volume production of plastic and metal components from the design data, leading to efficient time and cost management. We are keen to assist you at every stage of product development.

For help with your CAD design, prototyping and injection get in touch here.

ERFAR, while it proceeds in product development and production, provides opportunity to control and validate CAD design. With our experience CAD and production engineers and production operators provides and comprehensive evaluation service for your design in respect of production technologies.


Our dedicated and well-educated team is a perfect partner for your product development process. We evaluate your design and provide solutions and recommendations, which may production much more easier and cost effective.


All of your studies that you share with our team are protected under confidentiality agreement.

We provide a complete 3D scanning service to make reverse engineering on existing parts and to inspect and change existing designs, where drawings of parts or CAD drawing are not available. We have some of utmost quality of equipment and well-trained technicians and CAD engineers to make you sure that may work with scanned data and parts are ready for 3D printing or other production. We can scan small parts that are sent to our facility or we can send our equipment to your facility and make on-site reverse engineering and we provide reporting services for existing parts which have not CAD drawing.