In ERFAR KALIP PLASTİK, measures and application related with work safety and occupational health are deemed as indispensable item of working and production process. Principles that the Holding adopt in respect of this issue are as follows:

  • To enhance activities related with work safety and health continuously,
  • To observe applicable work safety and health legislation as well as standards, which are stipulated by organization that the company is a member of.
  • To ensure that hazards are identified and eliminated previously by making timely and correct risk analyses,
  • To raise awareness work safety and health of employees.
  • To satisfy resource needs that are determined for work safety and health in timely and complete manner.

In order to implement these principles effectively,  risk analysis studies are performed in all operation fields of EFRAR and measures are taken to minimize identified risks. In order to eliminate potential hazards and risks at their sources, all kind of equipment is inspected, and all relevant periodic tests and measurements are performed in timely manner.


Annual trainings regarding to work safety and health applications are refreshed every year and therefore individual awareness of employees I achieved by continuous enhancement and development. Furthermore, newly recruited employees are provided with work safety and health training during their on-the-job trainings. Another training program, which is arranged for this purpose is specialization-required training such as first aid trainings provided to relevant personnel. In addition to these, certified personnel is employed in accordance with work safety and health legislations.


In departments which fall scope of dangerous works, tool box meetings are held in monthly basis. Employees are provided with work clothing and other personal protective equipment according to their duties, and it is ensured that employees utilize comprehensive healthcare services and statistics are kept in this respect.